Tattoos and Turnpikes Visit Kustom Thrills Tattoo

"Three tattoo artists, a world famous bike builder, a tattoo shop owner, and an average tattooed biker will set out on a journey via motorcycles to visit some of the best shops in America. We will set out on this 21 day trip visiting 14 different tattoo shops, showcasing some amazing artists and their shops, their lives and their art. Along the way we will encounter several motorcycle builders and also some musicians within the industry. Our goal is to show the reality of our lifestyle, tattoos, motorcycles and rock and roll. We plan to take you on this adventure with us with 16 episodes visiting cities all across America. It will be a look inside the reality of it all and we call it Tattoos & Turnpikes." -T&T

Got to tattoo ol' Popeye on my new friend Red Dog from Tattoos and Turnpikes.


We had a great time filming at the shop. Can't wait to see the show when it's all said and done. Thanks for having me tattoo you bro! Such a great time.