Ask Chris how he got into tattooing and he’ll probably tell you something like “Harley’s, dames, rock n roll and fast living....”

But the truth is, he has been an artist his whole life.

Chris Clark is an Atlanta, GA native. He was notorious for drawing on the walls, his toys, and the sidewalk as a child. As far back as the first grade, he would routinely get into trouble for drawing monsters and cars during class.

In high school, punk rock became a prevalent force in Chris’ life. With it came a fascination with drawing album cover art and skateboard related imagery. Then it happened. A friend made a tattoo machine out of an old pen, batteries, a toothbrush handle, and a guitar string acting as the needle. Chris Laughs, “I was almost completely sleeved out before I was 18.”

He honed his artistic skills after high school at the Art Schools of Minnesota and received his bachelor’s degree in the arts through Canterbury University in 1992. From there, he went off in search of a tattoo apprenticeship. His professional tattoo career didn’t start until April of 1997 when famed tattooer Tony Olivas of Sacred Heart offered him a traditional apprenticeship.

During this time, he worked closely with the talented artists of that studio before relocating to Savannah, GA for a couple years. From there he went on to Nashville, TN where he opened his premier studio Kustom Thrills Tattoo. Since then, he has built a reputation as the pioneer of Kustom Kulture in Music City.








Chris has appeared at hundreds of conventions to date and has taken home his fair share of awards for his artwork and tattooing. His expertise has been mentioned in various media outlets and is published in industry magazines on a regular basis. He is also the author of the book “The Holy Black and Grayl” a guide for tattooers on the black and grey style.

Chris Saint Clark is a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooers, the National Tattooist Association and the Bristol Tattoo Club. He is also a Freemason and served 4 years voluntarily as 2LT in the Georgia State Guard attached to the 165th Airlift wing in Savannah, GA.

Chris’ main body of work is concentrated on realism black and grey. He can be found most days in his studio in Nashville or on the road in a city near you by appointment only.